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Local Groups

Local groups exist for our supporters to meet, plan and organize local events, screenings, presentations, talks and discussions with the aim to spread the word and help the campaign grow. But they also provide an open and inclusive space for our supporters to meet like-minded people in a friendly environment and to debate the questions around the money system.

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Start a Local Group:

If you don’t have a Positive Money group in your region or near to you and you’d like to help set one up, please read: 

Starting a Positive Money local group

Handbook for Positive Money local groups

Local Groups Strategy

Outside the UK:

If you live abroad, please have at the  International Movement for Monetary Reform.

Building a movement for change

“Change will happen when expert opinion and public opinion coincide”

Fran Boait, Positive Money’s Executive Director speaking at the Positive Money 2014 conference on 1st March 2014 in London on “Building a Movement”:

How do we get to critical mass?




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