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What we do:


There is a poor understanding of money

  • Who creates it?
  • How do they use it?
  • What effects does it have on the economy, society and environment?


  • academics journalists
  • politicians & policy makers
  • the general public
  • businesspeople NGOs

which leads to a money system that causes or fuels

  • indebtedness     
  • inequality
  • financial crisis     
  • unaffordable housing
  • unemployment   
  • weak democracy
  • environmental breakdown
  • and policy responses that make the problem even worse.


The money system needs fundamental reform to deal with these problems. The power to create money should be removed from banks and returned to a democratic, transparent and accountable process working in the public interest. Money should be created free of debt and spent into the real economy (rather than lent into financial markets and property bubbles).


We believe that legislative change is necessary to fix the money system, but politicians will only act when academics, businesses leaders and the public see the need and demand change, and the media have understood and debated the issue.


1. To get economists, journalists, policy makers, politicians and the interested public to understand the following:

a) who creates money

b) how that money is used

c) what effect it has on the economy

d) that the current monetary system is a man-made system, and can be redesigned to work better for the economy and society


2. To develop feasible alternatives to the current monetary system, plan a transition, and advocate for these reforms.


We work by:

1. providing clear, accessible and entertaining information about the workings and issues of the current monetary system, how it affects our economy, society and environment, and highlighting the relevance to people’s lives

2. provoking debate in the media and online

3. developing and advocating ‘credibly radical’ proposals for change

We promote ideas and understanding, and try to change the terms of debate.

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Tell the future Prime Minister of the UK that money creation should only be used in the public interest.

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