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Positive Money Conference 2014

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Videos from the conference


Building a Movement

Fran Boait, Positive Money’s Executive Director


How to Fuel the Economy Without Increasing Debt, through Sovereign Money

Ben Dyson, Founder of Positive Money

In this second video Ben answers the questions from the audience:

Read Sovereign Money Creation: Paving the Way for a Sustainable Recovery


Positive Money Campaigners  in Action – Experience from Nottinghamshire

Positive Money supporters Kris and Anne-Marie talk about their experience with promoting Positive Money at local level.


Positive Money supporters in Action in Sheffield

Peter Verity from the Sheffield Group of Positive Money talks about the experiences of his local group in organizing events, street stalls, talks, meetings with MPs etc.


Is Money the Root of Our Biggest Economic and Social Problems?

Lucija Soljic, Founder of money reform campaign in Croatia


Why I support Positive Money?

Joe Taylor, Lancashire:

Costanza Picchioni, Hackney:

Mark Kerridge, Bristol:

Report from the conference

Read here


Time to Build the Movement

2013 Conference AudienceWe are at a point in history where we have never seen so much wealth. Technology has never been so useful. There has never been so much money in the world. Production has never been so efficient, and communications have never been so powerful.

Yet at the same time society has never been so unequal. People have never had so much debt. People have never worked such long hours. People have never owned so much or thrown away so much. Human activity has never threatened to change our climate before. Rather than thinking about how to tackle these challenges, current governments all over the world seems content on making all these problems worse.

We can’t solve all of the problems without looking at money. We’ve done an awful lot of thinking about how to change the monetary system. Now it’s time to do it!

We need organised groups of supporters working up and down the country (and eventually the world) educating and communicating the problems with money and how to change it. There are over 160,000 active civil society organisations in the UK, citizens in the UK care about changing things that are wrong. We need many more citizens to care about changing money, which is fuelling the biggest problems in society today.

Who: Positive Money Supporters who want to lead and participate in the active movement for change

Where: Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, Holborn, London, WC1R 4RL [Map]

When: Saturday 1st March 9.30 am to 5pm

Should I attend?

  • Do you want to do something active in your local area with other Positive Money supporters? Either organise, or educate.
  • Do you have enough time to give to an active Local Group? (At least 4 hours per month.)
  • Do you like meeting and talking to new and different groups of people? We need as many people as possible involved with the campaign.
  • Have you got a bit of time to learn more about Positive Money before the conference? It is a confusing subject, and to have confidence speaking about it you need to know the basics: See Reading List for the 2014 conference
  • This conference is going to be about getting involved and what we need to do to achieve the change. If you’re currently just looking for knowledge about how the system works, please see the videos from earlier conferences.

Agenda & Map

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 10.53.15


Buy Your Ticket:

Your ticket price includes an amazing lunch from Hackney Growers Kitchen and tea and coffee throughout the day.

If you want to be a volunteer at the conference, please email Frank : frank@positivemoney.org

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