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UK banks benefited from £38bn ‘too big to fail’ state subsidy

  Britain’s biggest banks benefited from a “too big to fail” subsidy from the taxpayer of £38bn last year, according to a leading economic thinktank, reads the Guardian on 17th December 2013. The New Economics Foundation (Nef) said the big … Continue reading

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Monetary Reform, Government Spending and National Borrowing

Post monetary reform, as we at PM advocate, only the publicly owned institution, the UK Monetary Creation Committee, will be allowed to issue new national money. A related matter, but one on which, as far as I know, PM does … Continue reading

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How the current money system is damaging Businesses, Society and Environment (video)

Fran Boait, Positive Money’s Campaign and Operations Manager, presented the main reasons why we should care about the way money is created at the Positive Money conference ‘Modernising Money’ in January 2013. More about the ‘Modernising Money’ conference 2013 and more videos here.

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