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How pacifists may be funding the arms industry

arms ind

Under the current monetary system customer deposits provide banks with a cheap source of central bank reserves, which are required to make the payments to other banks that may result from the issuing of loans. (Banks acquire central bank reserves (base money) when payments are made to their customers’ bank accounts.) However, despite helping to fund the loans, depositors have no say and little idea over the use of ‘their’ money. They may therefore be unwittingly helping to fund activities that they disagree with.

Not James GreysonJames Greyson You lost me at NATO-published.It's as if you'd link to a "Monsanto-published research" in a reply to an article about the patenting of life forms....

1 weeks ago

James GreysonCould be good for positive money to connect with policies on these related challenges? This NATO-published research connects policies for an ecological economy (#3), reversing the arms race (#4), and sovereign money (#7). http://blindspot.org.uk/seven-......

2 weeks ago
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sacicrIt would seem to me that banks could sue governments for creating debt free currency - because it would crowd out their credit creation, and if government went as far as introducing Positive Money's proposals fully,it would have a devastating effect on their enormous profits.They would definitely s...

2 weeks ago

Sanjay MittalTTIP might actually BENEFIT those of us campaigning for full reserve banking. Reason is that the existing or fractional reserve banking system cannot do without subsidies and state support. Witness the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS of public money that had to be used to support that system over recent years....

2 weeks ago

Robert SearleWith Transfinancial Economics (notably in its Advanced Stage) it would be possible to reform Multi-National Corporations in ways that would make them more environmentally friendly , and more sustainable, and socially ethical as never before. This process would involve the digital creation, and trans...

2 weeks ago
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Sovereign Money will strengthen Democracy and Private Property

cash cards

Cash is disappearing. It is being replaced by electronic money which is just numbers in computers and other electronic devices. The joke is that electronic money is not legal tender. The law has been left behind by technology and up to now the politicians have omitted to extend the government’s monopoly of money to electronic money. That is no accident because the banks profit enormously from this legal loophole.

Common sense for our times

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Slavery strikes us as abhorrent as well as illegal, it is seen as the very essence of man’s inhumanity to man. However, not many life times ago, it was part of society; it’s familiarity making a wrong seem right by its continuing presence; a serious injustice going unremarked because we are blinded by tradition. Imagine living in an age when slavery was normal- it was so much part of society and accepted by society that abolishment required men of stature and foresight. These men had to confront strong vested interests, which were supported by the religious and moral authorities of the time. What a contrast to our present age when slavery is considered, so obviously, an injustice.

Andrew Buckley“of all the many ways of organising banking, the worst is the one we have today”This is the major point. Those of us in favour of sovereign money can find common ground with the Austrians here. The way we have now (market created money backed, and propped up, by the government) is the WORST wa...

February 2014
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