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Why we don’t campaign against interest

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A number of writers on monetary reform have argued for the banning of charging of interest. They see the use of interest as a major contributor to inequality and destruction of the environment. It's well worth reading some of these arguments, such as those of Margit Kennedy - Interest and Inflation Free Money or Money & Sustainability: The Missing Link by Bernard Lietaer, and there's further research to be done there.

Positive Money has a contribution to make to university teaching beyond economics

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Positive Money has done excellent work in providing information and resources for economics students (and teachers) about how money and banking actually work. As we know the contemporary reality is very different from the routinely taught neo-classical account of money, banking and debt.  Now that the Bank of England has confirmed, if not all then certainly substantial parts of the account given by monetary reformers, then even the most die-hard acolyte of the neo-classical church will find it that bit harder to cling to their position.

jamesmurraylawNow that the Bank of England is on board, at least to the extent of agreeing that banks create the money supply, should we not accept that, if we are not at the 'tipping point', then we are certainly at the point when we can approach politicians with some confidence that they will not set the dogs o...

March 2014

jamesmurraylawI agree Douglas.Once it is seen how easy it is for Central Bank responsibly to introduce huge debt-free pools of money into the economies of the World, and so by-pass the banks, then we will see the world change so very rapidly.Do you thin that Ben et al should put their minds to how a World where m...

March 2014

Douglas StruthersThe form of the Monetary System is relevant to all aspects of life - but particularly to psychology and self-identity. Once the Positive Money message gets through everything is going to need reassessment....

March 2014
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silverminerI'm absolutely in agreement with your proposals for the monetary system but, unfortunately, the rest of the programme outlined in this film is a recipe for a controlled, collectivist society where the freedom and liberty of the individual is simply not valued. Whenever a small group of people get t...

February 2014

MSUnfortunately, still not ready for limiting incomes in Switzerland...http://www.bfs.admin.ch/bfs/po......

February 2014

Dennis R PerrinI would like to congratulate Positive Money for their excellent thinking. This goes to show that a few politicians monopolising the thinking of a nation represents bankrupt thinking. This site is so refreshing. I am reading two books recommended here: "Where Does Money Come From?" and the Kindle ver...

February 2014
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Common sense for our times

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Slavery strikes us as abhorrent as well as illegal, it is seen as the very essence of man’s inhumanity to man. However, not many life times ago, it was part of society; it’s familiarity making a wrong seem right by its continuing presence; a serious injustice going unremarked because we are blinded by tradition. Imagine living in an age when slavery was normal- it was so much part of society and accepted by society that abolishment required men of stature and foresight. These men had to confront strong vested interests, which were supported by the religious and moral authorities of the time. What a contrast to our present age when slavery is considered, so obviously, an injustice.

Andrew Buckley“of all the many ways of organising banking, the worst is the one we have today”This is the major point. Those of us in favour of sovereign money can find common ground with the Austrians here. The way we have now (market created money backed, and propped up, by the government) is the WORST wa...

February 2014
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