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bankster01Neo liberal trickle down economics obviously works, that is what we are told....

2 weeks ago
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jamesmurraylawFran,Do you agree with me that the biggest problem of PM is not the number who get to know about it.The biggest problem is the huge number of people who investigate the tenets of PM, believe there it is all too easy, ask themselves why if it is so simple, why have countries not taken up Sovereign Mo...

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Graham HodgsonIt's true that the first round of QE did include buying private sector bonds, but this was to create a market in these bonds, to enable companies to keep issuing them when it looked as though the normal market was about to collapse in the summer of 2009. It only lasted a few months and the BoE has s...

2 hours ago

Graham Hodgson"In fact, the newly-created money stays in the central bank, and is not available to any company, nor even to commercial banks as new money. Moreover, the bonds that the central bank has bought to perform QE, were previously bought by companies or banks with their money, and thus the sequence "Gove...

2 hours ago

landlubberI would like to have a definitive explanation of QE my understanding is that itoperates as follows; The BoE (or Company A) sells a £100,000 10yr bond to company B. Company B lodges the bond at its bank and expects to receive the interest payments on it for the next 10yrs. ...

4 weeks ago
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What can we learn from the England’s Housing Survey?

Screenshot 2015-03-13 12.55.56

The Department for Communities and Local Government recently released its Housing Survey for England*. The report ultimately confirms what Positive Money has been putting forward for many years, that the housing bubble continues to be a massive driver of inequality and that more and more people are being ‘priced out’ of the housing market. Certain statistics show that this is not only due to a shortage of housing, implying it is also due to the banking sector’s ability to create money out of thin air.

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