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The Guardian: Change to UK’s money system could solve our long-term economic problems

Oh, at long last the monetary reform movement gets a long overdue platform in the Guardian. This is the biggest story out there right now – shamefully untold by the British media and the greatest opportunity for the ordinary people … Continue reading

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Would Positive Money reform lead to a reduction in credit available to businesses?

One of the really common concerns that comes up regarding the Positive Money system is that it would lead to a reduction in credit available to business and therefore stagnation/deflation, a lack of dynamism, low growth, etc. The argument is … Continue reading

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UK banks benefited from £38bn ‘too big to fail’ state subsidy

  Britain’s biggest banks benefited from a “too big to fail” subsidy from the taxpayer of £38bn last year, according to a leading economic thinktank, reads the Guardian on 17th December 2013. The New Economics Foundation (Nef) said the big … Continue reading

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SOVEREIGN MONEY – Paving the way for a sustainable recovery (New report)

By fuelling our economy through ever-rising levels of household debt, we are repeating the mistakes that led to the 2007-08 financial crisis. Ever since that crisis, the government and Bank of England have tried to encourage further borrowing and further … Continue reading

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