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PaulThe above is absolutely true, unless the privately owned central banks are removed, the Central Banks will continue to control (Corporate Governments). The debt/bust cycle will continue to be at the whim of Central Banks and World Banks (IMF/BIS) third world countries will continue to be raped for ...

2 weeks ago

Marco SabaNo one ask WHY if banks create money they don't register the amount of newly created money in their books as a GAIN before lending or spending it... That way they steal the capital and don't pay taxes on it....

4 weeks ago

Andrew WebbYes, you are correct; it is certainly not in our interest to allow the banks or the regulators for that mater the power to create our money supply. Presently when a nation needs to increase its money supply, it will usually get it from the commercial banks as debt. The Central Bank will inject new m...

last month
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ConradJonesJust goes to reinforce the reputation of the Keiser Report as being the number one Financial Program on the planet.Hopefully the first of many appearances for Ben Dyson and PositiveMoney on RT. Well done Ben....

May 2014

DozyHoleInteresting that the episode before this one they were criticising Martin Wolf. The guest actually said something like "Martin Wolf would realise the importance of savings if people removed their 1 trillion pounds of savings and put it under their pillow"(paraphrasing), I was gobsmacked at the stupi...

May 2014
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Who should have the power to create money?

Who should have the power to create money? In Modernising Money we argue that the power to create money should be removed from the banks and transferred to a democratic, transparent, and accountable body. Martin Wolf recently backed these proposals, but Ann Pettifor describes them as 'deeply flawed' and 'outlandish'.

Economia DirettaMoney is not a commodity,it is a public good, the circulation of money is a public good, only a real democracy have the right to control that the money remain a public good...

4 weeks ago

RobertHIn my view the principal problem facing us is not the one which PM (and other monetary reformers) have focussed upon - the power of the banks to create money by making loans. Nor do I agree that tighter regulation offers a sufficient solution as Ann Pettifor argues. I think that the real challenge...

May 2014

SimonAndrew describes the Bank of England lending at low interest, or creating debt free money, to be spent by the government. I prefer the latter, in that we could create enough debt free money to match money that is now lost when existing debts are repaid. This should not cause deflation or inflation a...

May 2014
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Hyperinflation is born in extremis

Financial Times has published the letter by Ben Dyson, founder of Positive Money, in response to Philip Booth's Comment from April 29th. Philip Booth argues that  Martin Wolf’s proposal to “strip banks of their power to create money” (Comment, April 25) would "put this power in the hands of the “greedy or profligate” governments who have been responsible for many of the great inflations of the past."

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