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Sanjay MittalI support full reserve banking, however Positiva Pengar are not strictly correct to claim it’s necessary to convert to full reserve in order to bring stimulus via spending Sovereign money into the economy. Several countries (certainly the UK and US) have actually been doing that over the last thre...

July 2014
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World Economics Association on Sovereign Money


The World Economics Association (WEA) has published in its June 2014 newsletter following article by Mark Joób, PhD, Professor at the West Hungarian University, Faculty of Economics and Researcher at the Institute for Business Ethics, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland and member of the managing committee of the Swiss Association for Monetary Modernization (MoMo):

Harry WhiteHarry WhiteThe reform proposal for money creation in this article by Mark Joob is clearly that proposed by Positive Money in the UK. However, it reminds or alerts PM campaigners that the Banksters would have little compunction in SABOTAGING a new system, as proposed by Positive money, if enacted by ...

July 2014

SimonVery good synopsis...

July 2014
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Positive Money at Glastonbury


“Well, who else is going to do it, if it’s not the banks?”, asks the man, in response to a suggestion that the power to create money might not be an appropriate function of a private, profit-making corporation. Well, a public, democratically-accountable institution might be a good place to start, I suggest. “But that’s what the Bank of England’s for isn’t it? Where the money’s printed.”

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