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Gregory SchoenmakersPresumably PM classifies the nationally owned Bank of England as part of the private banking system rather than part of the government. The fact is that when a central bank buys government securities, it creates money to do so which is not the same as bank created credit.I'm not sure how it works wi...

4 hours ago

bankster01There is a period of time when the repayment will reduce both sides of the bank's balance sheet, money is destroyed, and money has been taken from the economy to repay the loan if it is someone like me paying down a mortgage for example. Most banks were told to reduce their balance sheets after the ...


Marco Saba"there is nothing to stop the bank using my repayments as the basis for further lending" and further spending if they see it fit....

2 days ago
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michaelAll the logic in the world will not inspire "Mainstream MP's" to do the right thing as Positive money advocates because they are all Hamstrung by the Rothschilds Grip on the Establishment . The Green Party has introduced a "Monetary Reform Policy" which echoes the spirit of "PosiitiveMoney" and ther...

2 weeks ago

Shirley WardellIndeed Chris. It is very hard to contribute well to discussions about our economy if the basics of money are not understood....

3 weeks ago

Chris I think this is a very positive move and we should all get behind it .Surely everyone can see just how economically dumb most politicians are,. Even those with some formal economic education are hopelessly out of date when it comes to the modern digital banking world Let's go to it...

3 weeks ago
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adarcy20Dear Mr Harvey,I've only just read about the letter you sent to your M.P. and his reply.All I can say is that he must be an utter blithering idiot - pouring out the same rot that we've heard since the banking crises, without the inclusion of one - even just one - sensible and constructive remark. H...

December 2013

Tony HarveyI wrote to my MP on 5th November requesting him to sign this EDM 641 and within hours I received the following reply. It seems to me he is not looking deeply enough at the causes of the crisis and the power that 97% money creation gives the banks over the regulators and academia. But I would appreci...

November 2013
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Joe MarrCan't see how banks & politicians can gain any power or financial reward from this policy. Can it work? good luck...

July 2013
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