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adarcy20Dear Mr Harvey,I've only just read about the letter you sent to your M.P. and his reply.All I can say is that he must be an utter blithering idiot - pouring out the same rot that we've heard since the banking crises, without the inclusion of one - even just one - sensible and constructive remark. H...

December 2013

Tony HarveyI wrote to my MP on 5th November requesting him to sign this EDM 641 and within hours I received the following reply. It seems to me he is not looking deeply enough at the causes of the crisis and the power that 97% money creation gives the banks over the regulators and academia. But I would appreci...

November 2013
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Joe MarrCan't see how banks & politicians can gain any power or financial reward from this policy. Can it work? good luck...

July 2013
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jack sadieLast sentence :- You can read our submission to the Treasury Select Committee (in January) on why QE has not worked so far and how we should do it differently here.It would have been helpful to have a direct link to that submission....

June 2013
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The Positive Money Proposal – Plan for Monetary Reform

This document presents a plan for monetary reform, based on a proposal initially put forward by Frederick Soddy in the 1920s, and then subsequently by Irving Fisher and Henry Simons in the aftermath of the Great Depression. Variations of these ideas have since been proposed by Milton Friedman (1960), James Tobin (1987), John Kay (2009) and Laurence Kotlikoff (2010). Most recently, a working paper by economists at the International Monetary Fund modelled Irving Fisher’s original proposal and found “strong support” for all of its claimed benefits (Benes & Kumhof, 2012).

Gesell taxI have outlined a similar plan. believe what you guys do is the great thing. It's very important to promote these ideas....

May 2013

Ralph MusgraveHarry,I don’t agree that borrowing to buy a house is an “allocation from the aggregate income of the entire working population”.To keep things simple, let’s assume to start with that banks are not expanding the total money supply, as has been the case of the last couple of years – the year...

April 2013

parasitstoppThere's also a technical problem with Keens proposal. Keen suggest that money should be injected directly onto peoples bank accounts without changing the system. But the costumers accounts are the banks debts to costumers and not central bank money (cash) in itself. The liabilities of the bank woul...

April 2013
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