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Positive Money at the Festival of the Common Weal

Festival Common Weal

"It's the banks you know, they create new money from nothing and distort the real economy". I realised at this point that I was shouting at the poor woman, only inches from her face. Passionate as I am about monetary reform it seldom gives me cause to raise my voice quite so much. The cause? A band playing in the next arch from us in the cavernous recesses of the Arches under Glasgow central station. They had a several hundred watts of PA system. We didn't.

Shirley WardellI'd love to hear your Positive Money joke. Maybe some songs too....

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Positive Money at Glastonbury


“Well, who else is going to do it, if it’s not the banks?”, asks the man, in response to a suggestion that the power to create money might not be an appropriate function of a private, profit-making corporation. Well, a public, democratically-accountable institution might be a good place to start, I suggest. “But that’s what the Bank of England’s for isn’t it? Where the money’s printed.”

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