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Building a movement for change – Video from Positive Money Conference 2014

“Change will happen when expert opinion and public opinion coincide” Fran Boait, Positive Money’s Executive Director speaking at the Positive Money 2014 conference on 1st March 2014 in London on “Building a Movement”: Fran explained her journey from being a … Continue reading

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Positive Money has a contribution to make to university teaching beyond economics

Positive Money has done excellent work in providing information and resources for economics students (and teachers) about how money and banking actually work. As we know the contemporary reality is very different from the routinely taught neo-classical account of money, … Continue reading

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Positive Money’s Chief Economist leaves as Bank of England now knows where money comes from

Shortly after launching the Positive Money campaign in mid-2010, we got a call from the producer of a television documentary, asking for an explanation of how money was created by the banking system. We explained the whole process as we … Continue reading

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