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alter egopositive money in switzerland you must be jokeing-and second noting is positive obout money ina pozitiv or negativ...

last month

MoMoHi, only using PayPal at the moment (follow the link above). Please let me know if you are having problems! Thank you! Emma (contact details above)...

last month

OneGuyTalking about sovereign money but they didn't provide a bitcoin adress for donations. Bad....

last month
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SKYou know when you see adverts on the tv where it's obviously actors pretending to be ordinary members of the public; well, this vid looks just like that, to me. The lighting, the background music and the tone of the 'script' and the editing all point to this form of 'fakery.'I had high hopes for Pos...

May 2014

David FanelliAll creation must be transparently recorded, otherwise it can not be traded....

May 2014

hexandthecity.euThis accent, wow! Can you send me the text? - thanks!...

May 2014
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