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Debate on Money Creation in Parliament – Get ready to act

parliament debate

It might sound unbelievable, but for the last 170 years, parliament has ignored the question of how money is created. The last significant debate on the creation of money in Parliament happened in 1844! And even though money plays an extraordinarily important role in today’s world, most Members of Parliament still wrongly believe that only the Bank of England has the authority to create money.

Positive Money Annual Report (June 2013 – May 2014)

annual report 2014

We’ve just released our Annual Report. This annual report covers our forth full year of activity, from June 2013 to May 2014. It’s been an exciting and successful year - we grew in numbers online, offline, and in the team. We gained high profile support from the FT’s Martin Wolf and from Professor Tim Jackson. Policy makers and think tanks are starting to listen to what we have to say. By gaining more support and building a more robust funding model, it seems like we have established ourselves as a force that is around to stay - at least until democratic control and transparency over the creation of money has been established!

ms01925Its funny to read these conflicting opinions... all of the ways we think the system might "work", are really just all the possible scenarios open to the banking system of how they can manipulate the system....

9 hours ago

ms01925Actually the government dos not create money for deficit spending. it creates bonds, which have an interest attached, and sells these on the market. Banks can then create the money to buy these bonds, and use those self same bonds to back that money creation. They then collect interest on those bond...

9 hours ago

RJAusterity is unnecessary (and economically bad for the UK). Its based on a flawed belief that monetary sovereign Govt are just like households. Read any MMT site. Especially Warren Mosler. I don't agree with all but he does understand how tehe treasury system operatesGovernment $deficit = non govern...

4 days ago
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