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News from Switzerland


A few months ago we sent out a newsletter about what's happening in Switzerland, expaining how there will be a national referendum on introducing Sovereign Money ("Vollgeld") in Switzerland if our friends there can collect 100,000 signatures from the Swiss electorate by December 2015. (See  We thought you'd like to know how they're getting on:

Occupy and Democratise Money


At the next Occupy Democracy General Assembly demonstration on the 24th January, alongside someone from the Positive Money Team I will be putting forward Monetary Reform (Democratising Money Creation/Full Reserve Banking) to be included in our Provisional List of Demands. This follows on from the workshop given by Positive Money’s Fran Boait which took place whilst being evicted en-masse from Parliament Sq. Here is her blog describing it.

JimothyHells yeah! Awesome article Barnaby. Thanks for putting all this into words....

January 2015
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