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Vince RichardsonHello Andy,Steve Baker has distanced himself a little from PM,not that I think he disagrees with any of it in particular ,just he said that the current system will have to be tested to destruction before we get the momentum to change it.He may be right,but it will mean we will have to have yet anoth...

14 hours ago

Albert TatlockActually, I think you've helped to answer Q1 for me. The reason that the Greens are struggling to get their mesage across is that there are way too many morons like you who've attached them selves to the party for what you consider is a more pressing primary reason.That's why Patrick Harvie is f###i...

2 days ago

Albert TatlockO dear, another pratt trying to fit the requirment for a new paradigm into old school political dogma. If SCOTNAT is your #1 concern join the SNP. If sustainable and green economics are #1 then fine, but don't equate one with the other.I couldn't careless for stupid national pride and boundries, wha...

2 days ago
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Election manifestos offer bold aims but little detail on banking reform

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The banking system needs to do a better job of supporting businesses and serving customers according to the manifestos of the three main parties published this week. Labour promise to “develop a banking system that works for businesses in every region and every sector in Britain”. The Conservatives “will continue to build a stronger, safer and more secure banking system that… provides businesses with the finance they need to grow and create jobs”[2] and the Liberal Democrats pledge to “grow a competitive banking sector, support alternative finance providers and improve access to finance for business and consumers”[3].

bankster01More or less austerity, taxation or debt are the only options discussed. Many ordinary people do not know the difference between the deficit and the debt, and some politicians struggle with it. Schools often do a poor job at teaching basic politics and economics, so people believe the rubbish in muc...

2 days ago

NO EURO NO EURegrettably there is a positive way out of National Debts but the main parties do not want to embrace the many free advises from "Positive Money". WE need YOU. . KEEP CALM and ASK POSITIVE MONEY....

3 days ago
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