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Is this the Type of Recovery we Need?

budget 2015

In his annual budget speech yesterday, Chancellor George Osborne (the UK’s finance minister) declared that UK economy looks like to be in great shape, and that Britain is “walking tall again”. Jobs are being created, growth is on the up, living standards are improving, the national deficit (as a share of national income) has been halved, and ‘economic security’ is being prioritised.

Marco SabaThe "commercial bank money" created by the banks when lending or buying property for themselves (the monetary medium) is somehow mirrored in the accounting books as numbers. The origin of the monetary medium although is not recorded as an asset at the time of creation, it is only recorded in a secon...

6 days ago

NO EURO NO EUQuote " Just as banks can create money through lending, money is destroyed when loans are repaid." Unquote. Dear Frank, Money are not destroyed but become a surplus for the banks ("shadow money"). At this stage money cannot be destroyed the only solution is to transfer the money to the central bank ...

1 weeks ago
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