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Explaining monetary reform by using typical misunderstandings

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As sovereign-money reform has been gaining more attention, more economists from various schools of thought have felt called upon to comment on it. Apparently not all commentators are taking the time to get to know what it is all about, with the result that the circulated information often contains a number of typical misrepresentations, reads the new paper by Prof Joseph Huber entitled "Sovereign Money in Critical Context".

9 Benefits of Switching to a Sovereign Money system

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The power to create money, in the hands of commercial banks, has been highlighted as one of the root causes of both the Great Depression of the 1930s and the financial crisis of 2007-2009. Lord (Adair) Turner, the former chairman of the UK’s Financial Services Authority, has argued that: “The financial crisis of 2007/08 occurred because we failed to constrain the private financial system’s creation of private credit and money” (2012).

michaelAll the logic in the world will not inspire "Mainstream MP's" to do the right thing as Positive money advocates because they are all Hamstrung by the Rothschilds Grip on the Establishment . The Green Party has introduced a "Monetary Reform Policy" which echoes the spirit of "PosiitiveMoney" and ther...

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Shirley WardellIndeed Chris. It is very hard to contribute well to discussions about our economy if the basics of money are not understood....

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Chris I think this is a very positive move and we should all get behind it .Surely everyone can see just how economically dumb most politicians are,. Even those with some formal economic education are hopelessly out of date when it comes to the modern digital banking world Let's go to it...

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