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dannyboyGood stuff! It sounds like Adair is pretty much on board with the sovereign money thing. He also says it like it is when it comes to discussing the tight coupling with overall levels of debt and money in the economy.Discussing this stuff is really starting to move off the taboo list and I think Po...

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DozyHoleSame view as Peter Schiff. The recovery is on shaky grounds, but people will plod along and when the next crisis hits it will be a big surprise and "no one will have seen it coming". We are in a cycle and the people that matter are happy with the situation, to the detriment of everyone else....

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Enrico GeilerEnrico Geiler Switzerland (Socialist party of Switzerland)Dear FriendsWe produced a CD with a presentation in images: „The current economic system and the alternatives” that is very didactic. the complete 220 slides, 1000 historical and actuality photos, charts, comments, exercices, etc.The Powe...

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alter egopositive money in switzerland you must be jokeing-and second noting is positive obout money ina pozitiv or negativ...

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MoMoHi, only using PayPal at the moment (follow the link above). Please let me know if you are having problems! Thank you! Emma (contact details above)...

May 2014

OneGuyTalking about sovereign money but they didn't provide a bitcoin adress for donations. Bad....

May 2014
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