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Share prices with fractional reserve banking

Share prices

The popular explanation of share prices is that its all determined by “supply and demand”. If the price of something has gone up it must mean that either its supply has diminished, or its demand has increased. It’s all part of a natural stable system. Wise investors are carefully evaluating companies and buying and selling shares accordingly. The government, who claim to believe in free markets, sit on the side-lines and let them get on with it.

reissgoI think this earlier post should answer that question.

4 weeks ago

MattGreat post - but could you just expand on the last point? why is it that the near-zero interest rate policy is in force because of fractional reserve banking, and why would it be entirely unnecessary if we had a full reserve system?...

4 weeks ago
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Noel KiteTo problematize ????!!...

4 weeks ago

Vince RichardsonThe only thing that I can think is that capital coming IN would be controlled as well as going OUT.That would give a government more control over the money supply,as we do have hot money coming into the UK from overseas..China,Russia,poorer EU states, and Sovereign oil based wealth funds,which all c...

4 weeks ago

RicoS321I'm not sure why, having heard the contribution of Positive Money, Ann Pettifor continues to tout capital controls as a viable option. The inefficiency (and probable impossibility) of capital controls over removing the ability to create money is clear. Positive Money's solution is so simple, it'd be...

5 weeks ago
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Sanjay MittalI support full reserve banking, however Positiva Pengar are not strictly correct to claim it’s necessary to convert to full reserve in order to bring stimulus via spending Sovereign money into the economy. Several countries (certainly the UK and US) have actually been doing that over the last thre...

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