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bankster01They wish to rent our money supply to us so it would not be popular with them. Sovereign money is the only realistic solution for sorting out the problems in the Eurozone, otherwise there are going to be huge debt write offs....

2 days ago

kayabooshaWon't a lot of it finish up going back to the banks that create it via debt repayments? Wouldn't it be better to spend direct into the economy via infrastructure projects that benefit everyone? Housing, transport, health, education, that way real jobs can be created and their is an asset at the end ...

4 days ago

Tom ShackellIt's very encouraging that we are starting to see serious debate around the idea of "QE for the public". To me these kinds of proposals make eminent sense - both as a much more progressive alternative to austerity and also a way to reduce inequality. However, I'm not holding my breath that any of th...

4 days ago
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