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Robert SearleWith Transfinancial Economics (notably in its Advanced Stage) it would be possible to reform Multi-National Corporations in ways that would make them more environmentally friendly , and more sustainable, and socially ethical as never before. This process would involve the digital creation, and trans...

5 hours ago
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Marco Saba"there is nothing to stop the bank using my repayments as the basis for further lending" and further spending if they see it fit....

3 hours ago

donald dietrichI think he is on about reserves not being destroyed as he mentions 'cash' and 'clearing'. Suppose he could say what happens when we pay down our loans with more clarity. Which would probably be exactly what we know happens on their spreadsheets. Some people still split hairs in regards to 'money'...

11 hours ago

Marco SabaMaybe. Maybe not: I worked in an international investigation on money clearing institutions and so I know very well where do the money end up after refluxing to the banks......

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Scott EWell said Tom. We have work to do!...

6 days ago

Duncan BlackWhy can't our "leaders" see the sense in what is written here? Vested interests in the present scam whereby private banks control interest rates and the issuance of fiat money? i.e. usury. Quote by a forebear of a certain banking dynasty: "give me the control of interest rates and the issuance of ...

6 days ago
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