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GuyHarperI would be interested to know what was Diane Abbott's opinion/contribution?...

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RJ"It doesn't create new/additional reserves for the banking sector!" ???? UK Govt spending clearly does. But you are still treating the UK Govt as a household with an account at a bank. That pays someone else Like I said its going around in circles now. so will sign off on this....

11 minutes ago

GuyHarperIt doesn't create new/additional reserves for the banking sector! All it does is move reserves from a banks reserve account, to the treasury's reserve account, and back to another banks reserve account. Private sector savings are increased and public sector debt is increased. I think I demonstrated ...

22 minutes ago

solutreanI’m all for Sovereign Money creation Fran. You must be familiar with James Gibb Stuart’s proposal regarding a Council Tax voucher scheme whereby local councils will issue vouchers to compensate for government cuts to local services.These vouchers would not be dependent on the national currency b...

35 minutes ago
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sacicrI listened to the debate. I would love to here from economsts and monetary reformers an analysis of the debate. For instance, Steve Baker was right to say that what we have now is not a free market, but a monopoly on creating money as a debt. His solution was bitcoin and other free currencies. I wou...

3 days ago

vinceWell done Fran you should be very proud all your hard work in helping get this debate rolling.PM has lit a fire that might one day bring the end to hundreds of years of banking sleight of would rank as one of the most outstanding socio-economic revolutions in recent history if it can be p...

5 days ago
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