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What do Conservative MP’s know about money?

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On August the 19th we started an email campaign to highlight the startling results of the poll that showed that only 1 in 10 MPs understand that 97% of money is created by banks, we have encouraged all Positive Money supporters to email their MP and ask them to confirm that they are aware of these 3 facts:

simonthorpeYou can petition the producers of 'In our time" here's what I have just told themOver 30,000 people have signed up to the Positive Money movement. They have been arguing, very coherently, that virtually all are current problems can be traced back to a totally bro...


simonthorpeWhy Dutch television? Why on earth can't th BBC do this too?I note that BBC radio 4 is proposing to do a Listener Week in November, with 3 programs that will present ideas proposed by listeners - Woman's Hour, In Our Tme, and Saturday Live.'t it the right moment t...

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PolymathHow is the Positive Money proposal fundamentally different from the Public Banking solution? It still achieves the same positive result in the end. Less tax, less debt and more money. It's sovereign money in both cases....

2 days ago

OurPartyHow is allowing the Government to have control over the creation of money something to the left?Does he think Cameron would spend extra Government funds on anything other than war?This worry is precisely why PM want a transparent body, similar to the MPC, to create the money according to a cross par...

3 days ago

Farid Khavari

5 days ago
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PolymathRJ, in the full-reserve system the transactions account is neither an asset nor a liability. It is simply kept safe at the BoE....

4 hours ago

RJDo you mean the BoE owns the liability? Because its a liability (debt) to the bank / BoE NOT an asset. (But maybe you don't understand double entry book keeping. And what a financial asset / liability is)...


PolymathLet me repeat. Bank deposits ARE owned by the BoE under the Sovereign Money proposal....

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