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Debate on Money Creation in Parliament – Get ready to act

parliament debate

It might sound unbelievable, but for the last 170 years, parliament has ignored the question of how money is created. The last significant debate on the creation of money in Parliament happened in 1844! And even though money plays an extraordinarily important role in today’s world, most Members of Parliament still wrongly believe that only the Bank of England has the authority to create money.

PJMCongratulations, Ben, for such a wonderfully lucid speech. Do you plan to publish a transcript of it on this website?...

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Positive Money Annual Report (June 2013 – May 2014)

annual report 2014

We’ve just released our Annual Report. This annual report covers our forth full year of activity, from June 2013 to May 2014. It’s been an exciting and successful year - we grew in numbers online, offline, and in the team. We gained high profile support from the FT’s Martin Wolf and from Professor Tim Jackson. Policy makers and think tanks are starting to listen to what we have to say. By gaining more support and building a more robust funding model, it seems like we have established ourselves as a force that is around to stay - at least until democratic control and transparency over the creation of money has been established!

CHRIS hEYWOODI cannot understand why people are so reluctant to consider an alternative to our present system of money creation and distribution when the present one is so obviously failing. To say that banks are not responsible for the amount of money in circulation is to deny economic fact. When banks make loa...

3 days ago

solutreanPost reform, the PM proposals merge with the old system to a large extent. How can you say that the system can't be easily changed when by your own admission you haven't even read the book 'Modernising Money'? This book explains how it CAN be done....

4 days ago

RJit can't be easily changed. Company profits depend on it. And our saving depend on it (debt has two sides an asset = money or Govt bonds and a liability = debt). The current system is good but we elect the wrong people to administer it. But it is still in our hands. Unlike Euro countries that have ...

4 days ago
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