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Nate Hillyou will all learn from Celebrity Green Room www.celebrity-green-room.com...

February 2013

PJMThe good professor ought to have known better than to include fire, a naturally occurring phenomenon, in his opening sentence: "Money ranks with fire and the wheel as an invention without which themodern world would be unimaginable." It would have been equally thought-provoking to have written "Mone...

February 2013
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TN4Productions.co.ukGlad I could help covering the event and that you like the photos I supplied.Great to see so many people working toward a fair system of money creation and the end of 'debt money'....

February 2013

Shirley WardellI was proud to be part of this event. The participants were from hugely varied backgrounds; the problem and the solutions were explained clearly, the campaign is apolitical and inclusive. I hope that Positive Money and the team led by Ben Dyson soon take their place in history for changing this dama...

February 2013

simonthorpeI was sorry not to be there - though my cousin was, and he said it was a superb event. I can't wait to be able to watch the videos.I also can't wait to see some coverage in the mainstream media. I've been searching, but so far, I can't find nothing at all - either about the Conference or about the M...

February 2013
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How banks create and destroy money – A guide to the Eurozone monetary system

This publication by Sensible Money demonstrates the accountancy procedures by which banks create and destroy the vast majority of the Eurozone's money. It also explains how money is transferred domestically and throughout the Eurozone as well as procedures like quantitative easing and how the ECB attempts to implement its monetary policy.

MikeCongrats! When read the guide I intend sharing it on facebook LetsTrade (Cork). Cork LETS is growing daily - bringing human relations back into economic activity. Their Community Account acts as a Liquidity A/c for the system. Watch that space!...

February 2013

Ralph MusgraveThe "read here" link doesn't seem to work. But congratulations on publishing a guide to the Eurozone monetary system: that is needed.There is an academic at Lancaster University who is an expert on that subject: John Whittaker. Perhaps Positive Money could get him to write a guide to the Euro monet...

January 2013
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