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TalamosAre BitCoins a good currency? I think not (yet).What makes a good currency? A good currency is any entity (physical or not) , that PEOPLE 1. want use (for buying and selling) and 2. want to keep (for whatever reason).If 1. and 2. are not present over a longer time, the currency will disappear.Now yo...

April 2014

jackrcurtisI see Bitcoin mainly as a replacement for the FRN as the world's reserve currency, serving as a hedge against corruption of ones own national currency. A global reserve currency that belongs to the people, rather than to the banks, & w can serve as an alternative to their national currency if n...

April 2014

BernardOne more for the trip :-)The thoughts about creation rate and allocation rules are very interesting, but one more time because the show the real problems with official currencies : they have no rules, and we as citizen do not know how much is created and who receive creation, to make what ?It is pos...

April 2014
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Mark StapletonWe need council houses by the tens of thousands and tens of thousands more....why have we not got them?...

May 2014

jamesmurraylawSurely the 'help to buy' scheme is a wonderful policy for a temporary stimulus to the country if, but only if, it is confined to 'new build'.Land Value Tax may hit out a little at those that buy land and property, probably with leveraged money, and sit on it waiting for property inflation to make th...

April 2014

SimonioThe 'help to buy' was a predictable disaster. The idea that house price increases of this proportion is considered GDP is utterly absurd. The fact that this is also not measured as inflation is also absurd (even if the inflation won't be evenly spread as a percentage profit from this). High house...

April 2014
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joebhedPMOn the videos, it says Turner starts 1 min in........on which vid?I could not find it on the first one.Am I doing something wrong.Is there a YT of this?...

April 2014

joebhedHe's lose his "Four" for the weekend links.Much too hard to explain....

April 2014

joebhed"when they spend more than they tax", government's WOULD create money, but instead they borrow their deficit balances.When Guv borrows, it is using already-created money.So, the government NEVER spends more than it taxes and borrows, as it is against the law.If you don't see any difference between p...

April 2014
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Why we don’t campaign against interest

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.13.21

A number of writers on monetary reform have argued for the banning of charging of interest. They see the use of interest as a major contributor to inequality and destruction of the environment. It's well worth reading some of these arguments, such as those of Margit Kennedy - Interest and Inflation Free Money or Money & Sustainability: The Missing Link by Bernard Lietaer, and there's further research to be done there.

Juan ArceSo Lietaer and others are not campaigning against interest but about complementing the system with other types of money that have in some cases negative interest i.e. demurrage and therefore promote different incentives, mindset, values and investment temporal horizon (long term instead of short te...

March 2014

Juan ArceThe main proposal in Sustainability: The Missing Link is about having different types of money in parallel, i.e. complementary currencies, even if the system is reformed in the way positive money is proposing. There is an interesting dialoog between Michael Kumhof and Bernard Lietaer about reforming...

March 2014

Michael KShort and sweet - I like! Still: shame the old article http://www.positivemoney.org/f... is now completely gone, along with comments. Why not preserve it in some other section, linked as "further reading"?...

March 2014
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