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Positive Money is run by a team of 7 staff who coordinate the campaign, supported by a team of skilled and dedicated volunteers based in our small London office and across the country. We have 5 directors.

Our Team

Fran_circularFran Boait

Executive Director

Fran is Positive Money’s Executive Director. Fran ensures Positive Money works with as many different groups of people as possible, to keep the movement growing. Show More...

Ben Dyson


Ben founded the organisation in 2010, works on the campaign full time. Ben has spent the last five years figuring out what’s wrong with the financial system. Show More...

Shirley_circleShirley Wardell

Network Coordinator

Shirley has been a Leadership Trainer since 1995. Shirley has designed and delivered courses from John Adair’s Action Centred Leadership to Nancy Kline’s Thinking Partnerships. Show More...

Dora_circleDora Meade

Network Coordinator

Dora will be dividing her time between Positive Money and Quaker Social Action, an anti-poverty organisation in East London. At QSA Dora designs and facilitates Show More...

Mira_circular1Mira Tekelova

Social Media

Mira started volunteering with us in May 2011 and became a full-time member of staff in September 2011. Mira heads up our social media, supports our local events and supports Show More...

Frank van Lerven_circularFrank van Lerven


Frank started volunteering with us in February 2013 and is now working part-time as a Supporter Manager. He was researching issues related to the 1844 Bank Charter Act Show More...

Andrew Jackson


Andrew Jackson is Head of Research at Positive Money. Drew joined us as a volunteer in March 2011 and became a full time member of staff in June 2012.  Show More...

Henry Edmonds

Visual communication

Henry started to work with us in June 2012. He works on videos, graphics and the internet to get our message out to as many people as possible. Show More...

Luuk de Waal Malefijt

Web design

Luuk started to work with us in April 2014 and is the founder of the dutch sister organisation ‘Ons Geld’ (Our Money, 2012). Show More...


Graham Hodgson

Graham was involved in the civil service until retiring and spending the last 15 years independently researching the monetary system and potential reforms. He spends two days aShow More...

Richard Kite

Richard Kite has been a voluntary bookkeeper for numerous charities and not-for-profits since he was a student in the 1950s, and assists Positive Money with financial and Show More...

Our Directors

Andy Turnbull_circularAndy Turnbull (Financial Director)

Andy is a Chartered Public Finance Accountant and began his career with business consultants KPMG prior to moving into the third sector. He has well over 15 years’ experience in Show More...

Ian Tennant_circularDr Ian Tennant (Secretary)

Ian left a career in medical research at the University of Edinburgh in 2005 to address the root causes of social, health and environmental imbalances.  Show More...

Jennifer Tankard_circularJennifer Tankard

Jennifer is Director of Advocacy at the Community Development Foundation (CDF) and leads the Community Investment Coalition, which campaigns for access to fair finance.   Show More...

Tony Greenham_circularTony Greenham

Tony is Head of Finance and Business at New Economics Foundation (nef), leading the programme of research into reforming the financial sector and aligning the Show More...

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Sponsor: is p2p lending platform who help redress money supply by allowing business loans from private investors. See a demo of peer to peer lending.
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